WUT 2017: Ветконтроль / Vet control - NKPT

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WUT 2017: Ветконтроль / Vet control

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Все собаки, экспонируемые на выставке, должны иметь ветеринарный паспорт с отметкой о прививке против бешенства.
Срок действия прививки – один год.
Собакам, которые вакцинируются впервые, прививка должна быть сделана не позднее, чем за месяц до выставки / въезда в страну.

Please take note that all the dogs presented the show must be effectively vaccinated against rabies, and that the vaccination certificate should be provided. According to the Russian rules, the rabies vaccination is valid within the period of ONE year. Between the administering of the dog's first rabies vaccination and the date of the event / the date of the entry to Russia at least 30 days must have passed.
If you're travelling by plane, you're allowed to be accompanied by not more than two dogs without any additional documents except of their veterinary passports.
It's recommended to have at the appropriate page of the dog's passport the approval of clinical overview done within 5 days prior to your travel, and signed by the official veterinarian.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.
All the problems which you might have, can be solved if we start to look for the solution in advance!
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